Last Year of EGO Turkey Population Up People Times 4.5 Vehicle

Last Year of EGO Turkey Population Up People Times 4.5 Vehicle: Ankara Metropolitan Municipality General Directorate of EGO, last year 331 852 thousand million passengers in Ankara. 78 742 thousand million which corresponds to these people about 4,5 times the population of Turkey, EGO buses of their journey, Ankaray, chose the public transport such as metro and cable car.
He continues to work with the mission and vision example of the world's capital of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, using the technological facilities required by the age, life facilitator realistic applications, putting services for solutions to prevent any problems projects as well as in urban transport. especially the fleet this context, the renewed environmentalists giant bus, going underneath the ground, the vast majority of rail and public transport for the first time applied to the cable car, the population of over 5 million settlement between Ankara, ranks among the most comfortable city category traffic.
2015 331 852 has been transported by 78 with the public transportation vehicles consisting of buses, subways, Ankaray and cable car belonging to EGO General Directorate. Number of passengers carried last year, these systems are integrated with each other, about 4,5 5 million of Turkey's solid, Ankara is 63 from XNUMX million equates to more solid figure.
In the year of 2015, the most preferred means of transportation was the EGO buses. Last year in Ankara, 208 651 thousand 659 people traveled by bus. EGO's daily traffic around the 1200 near the vehicle, the average daily 7 thousand 500 voyage was made. 2015 700 and 750 thousand in one day in Ankara; home, work, school, hospital, shopping went by EGO bus, arrived.
Within a year EGO buses, 89 million 365 has traveled a thousand kilometers. EGO buses, 1 annually 40 a thousand kilometers during the world circumference around 2 thousand 230 times has been entangled.
A total of 123 million 200 thousand people traveled by subway and Ankaray lines, which is another system that carries the public transportation load of the capital. 3, operating in different axes of the capital, is located in different metro lines; M1 55 million 595 thousand people from Batıkent- Kizilay subway line, M2 Çayyolu-Crescent 19 million 813 thousand 324 people from the Metro line, M3 Törekent-Batikent Metro line from the 8 million 502 thousand 151 people light rail serving as yararlandı.y the rail line system XINUMX 39 289 605 million people used in ANKARA between AŞTİ-Dikimevi.
The Metropolitan Municipality, which has pioneered the pioneering works in transportation, carried out the first passenger transportation in Ankara with the aim of reducing the traffic density. 2014, which started working in the Yenimahalle-Şentepe cable car with the average 25 thousand a day, in a year about 9 million Capital, airline transportation traveled.
When passengers who prefer EGO vehicles in public transportation are classified according to their location; Capitalists who use full tickets, 173 million 439 thousand 184 times, discount (student and teacher) ticket users who travel 89 million 396 thousand 304 times.
Free as the city of EGO public transport traveling free card (40 million 230 thousand 440 people 61-64 years and 65 years later, 12 million 764 thousand 337 disabled and handicapped attendants, Ministry Card 1 million 362 thousand 389 Family and Social Policy ( Gazi, Gazi relatives, relatives of martyrs, invalids and duty to serve disabled relatives) made the trip with the Başkentliler million 69 16 261 thousand times the municipal public transport.
Metropolitan Municipality General Directorate of EGO as, urban public transport safe, modern and fast way General Manager Necmettin Tahiroğlu stating that they try to fulfill, said they signed proudest innovations in this field. Tahiroğlu said:
. By constantly renewing our bus fleet, we reduced the average age to 5,6. Our number of environmentally friendly buses working with CNG is 1290. The International Association of Public Transporters (UITP) has been awarded the "Most Environmentally Friendly Bus Fleet" award in Europe. IT sector in Turkey is shown as the most outstanding project, the world's awarded by various institutions award many countries and today we save the application on MOBILE EGO reached approximately 1,5 million users Ankaralı compatriot our stop without waiting for a bus. We introduced our Smart Ticket, Smart Stop and Car Inside Passenger Information System projects to our citizens. In order to enable our disabled citizens to benefit from our buses and to facilitate their accessibility, we made disabled ramp and disabled lift to our bus 1276. We have made the buses in our bus fleet air-conditioned and we have provided air-conditioning for our non-existing buses. Otobüs

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