4,5 million lira ski track to Tunceli

4,5 million lira ski slope to Tunceli: The ski center built in Ovacik district of Tunceli with an investment of 4,5 million lira by the Ministry of Youth and Sports attracted great attention.

The ski center built in Ovacık district of Tunceli with an investment of 4,5 million lira by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, met with the intense interest of the local residents due to both the weekend and the semester.

In the ski center where the snow thickness found the 1,5 meter, visitors had the opportunity to slip with the sledges they brought along with the ski teams they could get from the facilities. At the center, both weekend and semester breaks occurred.

Ovacik Mayor Fatih Mehmet Maçoğlu, AA correspondent, the county's summer has also different beauties, he said.

Stating that opening a ski center in the district also reveals this beauty, Maçoğlu said, “It is a very good investment in a district under these conditions. It is very valuable for us that our governor and district governor give importance to this issue. all of our friends to come and see the runway here in Turkey, we invite all our friends, "he said.

Cem Tekinoğlu, head of the IT Department of Tunceli University, who spent his weekend skiing in Ovacık district, stated that it is very important to acquire such a facility in Ovacık.

Explaining that Ovacık can generate significant income from tourism with such natural facilities with its existing natural beauties, Tekinoğlu said, “We would like to thank our Prime Minister, Minister of Youth and Sports and Osman Kaymak, Governor of Tunceli for making such a beautiful ski resort. There cannot be any other income source than tourism, winter tourism should come to life here. We are grateful for the support given in this matter. ”