Masked horror at the train station (Video)

At the train station, the masked horror: the 200 in Stockholm wearing a mask and threatening to 'punish' the refugee children was scattered by the train station.
A group of masked 15 masked the horrors of a Swedish woman who was killed by a 200-killed Somali. The group stating that they would 'punish' the refugee children raided the train station.
According to the Daily Mail, the group is said to attack children. The newspaper, 'Enough is now' with the slogan of racist leaflets distributing the group 'ethnically Swedish to those who did not like' said.
Police spokesman Towe Hagg said the masked group "gathered to attack refugee children". Hagg reported that they were looking for people who attacked the children to almak avenge yaş the murdered 22-born Alexandra Mezher.

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