Tram Adds Value to Eskisehir

The Tram adds value to Eskişehir: After the light rail access of the Megakent Municipality in 2004, there are real estate increments and urban developments on the routes where the flights are made.
In Turkey, one of the 12 in transportation within the city using the tram province of Eskisehir, 2004 located on the route near the top of the 350 million passengers since you instantly attracts attention with securities settlements on the floor.
Especially the newly opened Batıkent-SSK, Çamlıca-SSK and 71 Evler-Opera lines and the prices of houses and rents rising on the route of the real estate market, such as the mobilization of the same, with the increase in quality in the construction of the modern districts provide the emergence.
Tram, revolutionized property prices in Eskisehir.
Eskişehir Chamber of Realtors Gazi Çelik vay Tram made a urban revolution in Eskişehir. Çamlıca, Çankaya, Batıil, 71 Households, Çaba neighborhood real estate prices 3 doubled il he said.
71 Households, Batıil, Çaba, Çamlıca sees great relevance.
Gazi Çelik, the President of the Chamber of Realtors, said that ehir when our expatriates, who live abroad, wanted to buy a house from Eskişehir, they had chosen the city center. Everything changed with the help of the tram. 71 Households, Çaba, Çamlıca, Batıkent neighborhoods are experiencing an increase in real estate sales,.

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