Producing Tram, Bursa is Now Preparing for Aircraft Production

Producing Tram Bursa, Now Preparing for the Aircraft Manufacturing: Turkey's first indigenous tram opened to the world market by producing Bursa, now preparing for the small-scale civil aircraft manufacturing.
Bursa Metropolitan Municipality took action to make Bursa the center of aviation. In November, by signing a protocol with Uludag University, the Municipality opened the way for the university track to be used for civilian flights and airplanes, and the button was pressed by the private sector to produce aircraft. Bursalı B-Plas and İğrek Machinery, Germany-based Aquila company 1,5 million euros by taking two-person aircraft are preparing to begin production.
The 210 series is one of the best-selling models of the company that manufactures single-engine aircraft. In the family with different models, the two-seat aircraft has a completely composite structure. Airplanes can also be used in piloting training. Of relevant World Newspaper Bursa Regional Representative Omar answering questions Faruk Farmer Bursa Mayor Recep Altepe, Turkey's 2023 targeted melt reach of the draw their own brands, value-added, stressing that it is bound to produce technological products.
Reminding that they support the production of local tram in this context, Altepe said that today tram, metro and light rail system vehicles are produced in Bursa and show up in the world markets.

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