Tourism is melting

Tourism is melting: Snow thickness of 30 centimeters in the city's winter tourism center Elmadağ'ın neglected reaction is attracted. Ankara is a great risk for ski lovers as it passes through the muddy roads to reach the ski resort, stones on the course and the concrete trough the animals drink in the summer.

Although the 20 centimeter is located in the Elmadağ Ski Center, which is located at a distance of 30 to Ankara, the maintenance of the runway is remarkable. The stones in the center and the concrete trough in which the animals drink water in summer is a great danger for the ski lovers. The parking lot problem of the ski center and the muddy roads make the Ankara and the tourists revolted. Yasemin Tuncel stated that they came to ski in the winter months and they did not find the service enough. Tuncel emphasized that the center is ideal for the kaymak, için But the tracks are neglected. There are large coarse stones in the sled section, while in the ski section there is a curing concrete where the animals drink water. These are very dangerous for skiers, professional people do not ski, new learners and children are skiing. These stones and concrete cure have a vital risk. It should definitely be removed. Kesinlikle


Özgür Göktaş, who came to ski with his family, stated that the roads at the central entrance were like a molehill. The check is required. In recent weeks, we came in heavy snow skiing to do the pleasure of skiing, but the entrance to the center because many people had to return to the opening of the roads, "he said.


İsmail Küçük said that many of Ankara are going to ski to Ilgaz, Erciyes and Kartalkaya. The service does not appeal to everyone, for example, it should be a short-distance chairlift for new learners and children. The chairlift is here for professionals, Bur he said.


Skiers in the center of any health measure against possible accidents are not taken, stating, Health Center, ambulance, helicopter space for emergency situations, he said.

10-year-old Hacı Kınacı organizes a tour of the snow with his donkey Rüzgar to get his school allowance.