Tuscany Region Ditecfer Railway Technologies Cluster EurAsiaRail at 2016

Tuscany Region Ditecf Railway Technology Cluster EurasiaRail 2016 Fair: Italy's Tuscany Region Rail Technology Cluster 'Ditecf is'' by the scope of realization of the project, a group of Italian railway company, in 3-5 March 2016 date to assess the possibilities of cooperation with Turkish firms in Turkey a visit. The information of the companies to participate in the meetings to be held within the scope of the Istanbul Eurasia Rail 2016 Fair is given below.
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1. ECM http://www.ecmre.com/en/products.php
SSC-Railway driving support systems, ERTMS-railway traffic management systems, power supplies, led signaling systems, MTR (rail temperature measurement systems), RCE (monitoring network systems) and other systems.
2. CIESSE http://www.ciessespa.it/index.html?lang=en
Manufacture of wagon interior equipment. Table, seat, lighting, shelf, cupboard, emergency equipment and so on.
Electronic MVB, CAN, ETHERNET communication and network products.
On-board energy management solutions for metro and train systems.
OEM electronic solutions for CCTV, APU, toilet and door systems.
3. STM Engineering Srl. http://www.stmenginerring.it
All kinds of design, engineering, testing and certification services
4. ISE Ingegneria dei System Elettronici Srl. I www.ise-srl.co
On board electronic systems and software development
Integrated fire extinguishing systems
Monitoring and security systems
5. Argos Engineering Srl http://www.argosengineering.it/en/
Interior design of passenger wagons
Fire extinguishing systems
Interior design of the cabin and system design
HVAC Systems Design
Vehicle Systems Design
Design and video animation presentations
6. enginsoft
Simulation-based engineering and technical support services for railway manufacturers and suppliers, multi-disciplinary analysis, design and optimization services.
7. Fretless Idea http://www.fretlessidea.com/about_us.asp
Software, software, data analysis and programming services for the railway sector.
8. Z-LAB http://www.zeta-lab.it/en/services.html
Engineering services, certification, acoustic testing, insulation and laboratory services for the railway sector
We would like to see you at our booth with the companies that are of interest to you.
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