TOKI residents' transfer revolt

Transfer riot of TOKI residents: Citizens living in TOKI Yazıbaşı residences protested Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in order to express their grievances after the transfer system was changed.
The residents of the region, where approximately 3 thousand people live, with low-income citizens and disabled people, demanded that the line numbered 13, which was removed on February 809 and goes directly to Sarnıç, be put into service. Stating that the bus numbered 704 was used to fly to İZBAN Pancar Station, the citizens stated that they reached İzmir center in three transfers and 2 hours, they could not benefit from the 90-minute application and also suffered material and moral damage.
Stating that they collected 800 signatures a week ago and expressed their demands to the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, resident Fetay Sabancı said, “We haven't received a positive result yet. A bus should be allocated to Ayrancılar Egekent directly, or for those who prefer İZBAN, a bus should be allocated to Kuşçuburnu station, which is 4 kilometers away ”.
Gülgün Yorgancılar, the President of the Association for Unimpeded Life, and his wife İzzet Yorgancılar, emphasized that they both lost time and traveled with great risks. Gülgün Yorgancılar said, “Although the elevators at Pancar Station have just opened, transportation barriers have been imposed for our disabled and elderly citizens and they cannot live their social lives. "Bringing a requirement to use only the rail system means violating human rights."
Gülsüm Çıtak, on the other hand, stated that she travels to Izmir every day for work and that as a minimum-wage citizen, she has to spend one third of her salary on transportation. Çıtak said, “We spend between 10 and 15 liras every day on transportation. What is the salary we get? We cannot take advantage of 90 minutes. What a popular understanding this is. Shame on you ”used the expression.

Günceleme: 09/12/2018 16:04

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