THY invites skiing to the Balkans

📩 24/11/2018 16:37

THY invites skiing to the Balkans: Turkish Airlines invites those who want to ski in the Balkans with the slogan 'Four Seasons of the Balkans' at an affordable price. Here are the flight points for skiing İşte

With the “4 Seasons Balkans” project, aiming to write road stories that guide the Balkans, which are very similar to us both with their culture and heartfeltness, by saying “that is so close to us” and who want to go abroad, but who do not want to go far from their own culture or who want to find a difference other than popular destinations. Turkish Airlines continues to explore the beauty of the Balkan geography in the winter as well as in the summer and autumn months of the project. This time the route is Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia Everyone and Bulgaria…

Explaining the campaign's new route from the website and announcing the search for two companions who will discover all the beauty of the Balkans, Turkish Airlines made an amazing journey with the winners of the contest, Fatih and Erhan.

The first stop of Fatih and Erhan, the first stop of the Balkans, especially the culinary cultures, is not far from us with the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana and Kravavec and Vogel, one of the city's most popular ski resorts. .

The third stop of Fatih and Erhan who discovered the common points of Turkish-Croatian culture and the common tastes of the Turkish-Croatian culture, which was one of the biggest festivals in the Croatian capital Zagreb, was the White City Belgrade and the most popular ski resort of the region, Kapaonik. In the streets of Belgrade, where the medieval atmosphere of the Middle Ages was felt, Fatih and Erhan had the opportunity to ski in Kapaonik after tracing history.

Fatih and Erhan visited the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo, where the smell of Turkish Coffee is not missing on the streets after Serbia, where the smiling face of the shopkeepers in every shop you enter and you are welcomed with Hers Welcome başkent in Turkish. discovering the rich historical heritage and enjoying skiing and snow enjoyment in Vlasic and Jahorina.

Fatih and Erhan, who visited Sofia, Bansko and Borovets in Bulgaria and visited Sofia, Bansko and Borovets, and had a great skiing experience in Bansko and Borovets, which has the most modern ski facilities in Europe. we have been the protagonists of a journey and experience unparalleled in the Balkans.

This unique experience of Fatih and Erhan, the similarities, differences, all details and the most beautiful points of the Balkan countries are on the website.