The Thieves That Halt the Signalization Cable of Railways Will Cause the Faciaya

The Thieves That Trapped the Signaling Cable of the Railways Were to Cause Faciaya: The 2 thief caught the signaling cables of the railroads in the Karaisalı district of Adana. It was determined that no signal was sent to close the level crossings during the train passing due to the theft of the signaling cables.
According to information obtained, 18 February 2016 in the incident occurred in the history of Adana-Nigde-Kayseri-Mersin in the direction of the signaling of the railroad cut off and no signal for the closing of the train crossings were not received signaling the closure of the crossing. Acting on the notice of the teams, the signal Karaisalı district Kelebek district was determined to be cut. Detained on the road to the district of Kelebek connected to the police teams on the side of the railroads found in the Police Department. The police then launched extensive research on the railway.
During the research, the teams, in the hands of the bag with Muhammet Can B. and Emre H. people on the rails to stop seeing the individuals in accordance with the bag began to throw away. Two people were caught after the chase. The suspects threw the sieve inside the bag and 800 meter copper signaling cable. It was learned that the suspects had disguised cables on the rails and then collected them after the train was cut.
Security suspects were taken to the court after being taken to the suspects were taken questioned, the police work was prevented the signaling disaster.

Günceleme: 29/11/2018 20:32

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