Turks on the Death train in Germany describe the terrible accident (Video)

The Turks on the Death train in Germany described the terrible accident: Passengers of Turkish origin who experienced the train accident in Rosenheim, Germany, which killed 10 people and injured 80 people, are still unable to overcome the shock of the incident.
Rukiye Y., who took the train moving from the city of Rosenheim, said that he was injured in his foot after the accident and said the terrible event as follows:
. I take the train for the second time in my life, this happened to me. I started a new job here in the town of Feldkirchen, three stops away. I have to go by train every morning. First time on Monday morning, I went on a train ride. That was my second day. Actually, I'm so afraid of getting on a train. Everyone told me, 'Would you be afraid of the train?' he was laughing. There was an accident the second morning. Passengers were trying to get out of the train in wail. There was nothing in our wagon. When I came out, I felt my foot hurt. Soon the lifeguards came. They took me to the hospital. After being treated, I was discharged and left home. I've survived cheap but have many dead and seriously injured. I feel very sorry for them. I will never forget this tragedy. Bu
Derya Kaplan was one of the Turkish passengers who experienced the accident ... 23-year-old Kaplan said the following about those moments:
“Immediately after the accident, there was a great panic inside the train. A Turkish girl, whom I later found out to be Rukiye, was extremely scared. I tried to help him. I consoled, 'Do not be afraid, dear, do not be afraid. He had no serious injuries. But he was very scared and trembling. There were those whose leg was broken in the other wagon. I tried to help them too. There were no other Turks in the wagon we were in. There was a woman named Burcu, about 23 years old, on the train across the street, with a slight head injury… "
Speaking to ARD, railway expert Udo Bühlmann said, “The human factor is important here. If a mechanic turns off the automatic security system and continues on his way, it means a security flaw. There is intense pressure on train workers. There are delays in trains. Complaints from customers. This pressure is reflected in the railway management, the station clerk and the mechanic. It is requested to close the delays. As a result, wrong decisions are made ”.




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