TCDD General Manager Yıldız visited TÜDEMSAŞ

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TCDD General Manager Yıldız visited TÜDEMSAŞ: General Manager of TCDD Ömer Yıldız, who has made many innovations in the railway sector with his investment moves, differentiating in management, bench / plant renovation works and having international certificates / quality certificates, and visited the latest developments on site.

Ömer Yıldız, who visited the Wagon Production Plant, where the production of freight wagons according to TSI standards, and the Wagon Repair Factory which repaired in accordance with ECM quality standards, received information about R & D studies and production plan from TÜDEMSAŞ General Manager Yıldıray Koçarslan. TCDD General Manager Ömer YILDIZ and the accompanying delegation, who have the certificate of TÜDEMSAŞ who has all kinds of certificates required by the sector in the country and who have the capacity to increase the institutional capacity and see the modernized factory areas, production lines, quality control laboratories and material stock areas in place, are examining the new generation freight wagons with TSI. He saw the work done by TÜDEMSAŞ.
The visit includes the construction of modern railway lines in our country, the new generation of rail vehicles in the country with the original design and domestic technology in the ın National Train Project kon, which is located in the ine National Train Project iyle carried out by the new generation of the National Freight Wagon project and R & D studies carried out by TÜDEMSAŞ It started with the R & D Department. Ömer YILDIZ, R & D Department in the design office of the production of freight wagons according to TSI; design, project, testing and certification studies received information about. Afterwards, the last situation of the cargo wagons, maintenance and revision of the wagon repair factory in the company, the examination of the plants and the workbenches in the factory and the Maintenance Management System of the ECM (Entities in Charge of Maintenance) Certification It has been viewed.

Behind; 2008 2015 10 was used as a foundry in the year. In order to increase the wagon repair capacity of the company, the new Wagon Repair Factory which was brought to our country as a second wagon repair factory was visited. 2 bin m12 is a closed area with a total of 2 bin mXNUMX. The factory is an important step of X Sivas to be a wagon production and repair center X with its modern and new face.

11 Different Type, New Generation Wagon with TSI

TCDD General Manager Ömer Yıldız and the delegation accompanying him continued his visit by visiting the Wagon Production Plant which is the most equipped factory of our sector with its technical equipment and production infrastructure. Visitors, the 2011 as of the first time in our country in the railway industry, which has been used for the first time and ever since this day used the seamless robot resource line. Examining a large number of fixtures that completed the line consisting of 5-arm 3 units, they received information about production from factory manager and employees.

TUDEMSAS General Manager Yildiray Kocarslan, TCDD General Manager Ömer Yıldız and the new generation of freight wagons informed about the new generation. Koçarsl that; Üretil TSI (Mutual Operability Technical Specifications), 2000'li from the years since the European Union with the expansion of the inconsistencies arising between countries, the Trans European Railway Network (TEN) to carry the load-bearing wagons, uninterrupted and safe to operate and ensure the production of these cars in certain standards and quality express the technical regulations laid down by the European Union for the purpose of guaranteeing. According to TSI, the first products of production are Rgns and Sgns type container wagons, which we started to mass production in 2015 and delivered to TCDD.

The Rgns wagon is one of the lightest and all-purpose transport wagons in Europe in its class with the 20,5 tonnage. This carriage can be transported by container, as well as long and flat products, pipes etc. It is designed to carry very different loads. A fully national design Rgns type freight car 80 is a completely innovative product with a different loading scenario and an integrated (compact) bogie brake system. Another new generation of freight car, Sgns, is the lightest container container wagon in Europe.

After these wagons, which are still in production in 2016, the production of Cevher Wagon (Talns type) and Heated Tanks (Zacens type) will be started in TÜDEMSAŞ in the following months. Currently, the prototypes are produced and the test cars are going to be produced for the first time in our country according to TSI.

In the last quarter of 2016, with the construction of modern railway lines in our country, in the özgün National Train Project oloj, which was put forward for the production of new generation railway vehicles in our country with original design and domestic technology, to be placed.
After the intensive work of TÜDEMSAŞ R & D Department and other units, the project was finalized and it was decided to build container freight wagons with Sggmrs type, H-type three bojies, articulated, bogie integrated (compact) braking system as National Freight Wagon. . This wagon will be produced as 3 bojili and the bogies to be used are the H type bogies which will be produced for the first time in our country. The H type bogie is advantageous in terms of tare according to the classic Y25 bogie, which will provide a tare advantage of approximately 2 with a compact brake integrated in the bogie to be used in this carriage. This brake system has been preferred for many years because it does not require maintenance. In the project, which was carried out in 2015, the prototype production phase has been reached. In the last month of 2016 of the Sggmrs type container wagon, series production will be started and 2017 will produce 150 pieces in this car. Mr

Taking into consideration the ages and technical characteristics of the freight wagons in our country's railway network, TÜDEMSAŞ gives priority to the production of new and technological wagons in line with the changing and evolving needs of the sector; The Rgns and Sgns type of wagons that it produces are very ambitious in Europe with the Talns and Zacens wagons to be produced in 2016 and the equipment used in the National Cargo Wagon Sggmrs type car, multi-loading scenarios and the wagons of the wagons.
Through the R & D activities, 2015-2018 will complete the TSI certification for 11 type wagons.

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