TCDD Pensioners Demand Operation of Regional Trains

TCDD retirees demand the operation of regional trains: President of the Association of TCDD Pensioners in Bozüyük district of Bilecik, Remzi Dalgaç said that they wanted to operate four arrivals and trending trains between Eskişehir-Arifiye and Pendik-Eskişehir.
Association President Remzi buffoon, said in a statement, Turkey's State Railways, 23 September 1856 the history of the establishment and Atatürk's instructions with 1926 1946 thousand kilometers of roads built between the years 4 years, he said. Wave, 1950 2000 700 a thousand kilometers between the road was made by explaining, baş 2003 5 900 2012 kilometer road was renewed and new additions were made in the state railroads that rebuilt as a result of our current government. It was built with a network of railways from east to west and from north to south. YHT Transport between Ankara-Konya-Istanbul has been connected from Europe to Europe under the sea. We are very happy and very happy. However, in 1960, Eskişehir-Arifiye-Haydarpaşa road repair and road renewal works were completed and passenger trains were removed. In the 1970-17 years, I remember those who are with me. Kurtalan-Istanbul, which met at Bozüyük Station, experienced great joy among passengers and waiting passengers during the arrival of Istanbul-Kurtalan 18-XNUMX postal trains. Now we want to experience the old joy again. As the representative of TCDD Pensioners Association, we want to operate four arrivals and trains between Eskişehir-Arifiye and Pendik-Eskişehir. Bilecik MPs and our government are waiting for support on this issue. Bil

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