Tatvan-Van examines the new ferry of the Cabinet

Tatvan-Van New Ferry Ministers Examined: May to be taken into service the ferry in May, heralding the Minister Yıldırım; ”First we built a shipyard, then we completed the ferry.“
Maritime Transport and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim, Minister of the Interior Ejkar Ala, Van deputy Besir Atalay, to provide the link of the Turkey-Iran transit railway line; On the ferry built in the scope of the project of replacing four ferries operated by Tatvan-Van on the Van Lake between two high-speed and higher-capacity ferries.
The Minister will take over the ferry to be commissioned in May. ”First we built a shipyard, then we completed the ferry.“
136 Meter Length and Totally Completed in Tatvan.
Sharing the technical information about the construction process of the project, which is the work of Turkish engineers and workers, Yıldırım: The work of Turkish engineers and engineers is a work of hand. Achieving such an important project in scarce conditions is an important achievement. In the construction phase, they decided to bring machinery from abroad. I said to the contractor firm, 'Let's get a local machine here'. We built these machines in Eskişehir and used these machines, each of which was 136 thousand horsepower, on the ferry. Esk
Ferry with High Maneuverability
Lightning, thanks to the high maneuverability of the ferry 360 degrees can rotate, this would eliminate the loss of time during berthing, he said.
Three-fold Overload X 60 More Savings arası The 4.5 from Tatvan to Van drops to 3 hours.
With the introduction of the new ferry service between Tatvan and Van 4 30 hours of travel time 3 minutes will be expressed that the lightning; the ferry will be three times more than the previous ferries and fully domestic machinery is used, the fuel savings will be more than the previous ferries would be 60 more than stated.
Railway to the Sea
Lightning is a railroad built into the sea. We need to see it this way. Our ancestors Fatih Sultan Mehmet carried out the ships from the land. We went one step further and we had trains under the sea. Now the cars will pass. Geç

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