Suspicious packet barrier to Tunnel Metro services

Suspicious package obstacle to Tunnel Metro services: Taksim-Karakoy tunnel Karaköy exit suspicious package police spent alarmed. Tunnel expeditions were stopped during the examination of the suspicious package.
Two cardboard boxes left at the exit of the Taksim-Karaköy tunnel in Beyoğlu Karaköy got an alarm. A large number of police teams were dispatched to the scene with the report of the citizens. Police teams reached the scene in a short time and closed the street to traffic by pulling a security line around the suspicious cardboard boxes against any risk of explosion. Meanwhile, tunnel expeditions were also stopped.
Police teams to notify the scene of the bomb disposal expert, wearing a special outfit approached the suspicious package. Bomb experts detonated the package in a controlled way detonated the suspect package. There was no traces of bombs exploding in a big noise.
The measures taken by police teams in the environment and the detonation of the suspicious package were also watched with interest by curious citizens. Some citizens viewed the event with their mobile phones, while others examined the detonated package as a bomb expert. Tersane Street traffic and Tunnel services, which were closed to pedestrian and vehicle traffic, returned to normal after the police investigation.



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