February heat hits ski resorts

The February heat hit the ski resorts: the high temperatures in February in the country lowered the snow thickness and quality in ski resorts.

Gazi University School of Physical Education and Sports (BESYO) faculty member Assoc. Dr. Imdat Half stated that a few things are very important in ski resorts and said, “The environment must be suitable for skiing. The tracks should be regular, the weather conditions are appropriate, the snow thickness in the center should be sufficient. Besides, the quality of the abdomen is also very important. ”

Indicating that the climatic conditions affect the usage period of the ski resorts closely, Half pointed out that this year was a hot February. Underlining that he has not remembered such a hot February for a long time, Half said, “February is very important for ski resorts. Most of the semester break takes place this month. Besides, people mostly go on winter holidays this month. Therefore, climate conditions are very important in the current month. When the weather conditions are negative, there may be a decrease in the duration of the winter vacation. ”

Hot weather reduces snow quality

Half, warming the quality of snow as well as reducing the heat, he continued, said:

“It is clear that the air temperatures are high throughout the country. This inevitably affects the density of snow. The falling snow can melt after a while with the effect of hot weather. This causes the snow thickness to decrease. In addition, high temperatures cause abdominal softening. With the increase of air temperature, snow is degraded and watered. When night falls to minus, it becomes ice. This change presents a dangerous situation for skiing pleasure and safety. High heat, sun and lodos disrupt the snow quality, skiing pleasure decreases as the snow's crystal structure deteriorates. ”

Underlining the need for a certain level of snow hardness for skiing, the quality of snow slipping as the ski lovers will prevent the slippage of tourists would leave the region, he said.

Artificial snow machine fixes shortcomings

Providing information about the snow depths of some centers last year and this year, Half said, “In February last year, there was 256 centimeters of snow at Kartalkaya Ski Resort, while this week the snow thickness was measured as 141 centimeters. While it was 180 centimeters in Uludağ last year, it fell to 50 centimeters this year. These are the places that come to mind in the first place. The table is roughly the same in other ski resorts. Last year, in February, 40 centimeters of snow in Ladik and 12 centimeters of snow in Elmadağ, this year there is no snow in these places. "

Assoc. Dr. Noting that the “sine qua non” for the ski resorts is the snow, the halves say, “The air temperatures are at 15 degrees during the day and at night it drops to 10 degrees below zero. Snow watered during the day turns into ice at night. For these reasons, the runways may deteriorate. In places where quality deteriorates, the artificial snow machine softens the icy environment. The deteriorated areas of the runway can be corrected with an artificial snow machine. We can control the negativities in this way. ”

Half voicing European ski resorts use artificial snow machine for many years, this system of disseminating snow problem in Turkey, he added largely be solved.