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High Speed ​​Train Coming: Balikesir-Dursunbey-Tavsanli and Kütahya rails between the renovation work completed, the high-speed train will do three times a day.
Previous day 2. Gündoğan entrance officials who finished the welding and shaving of Halalca bridges near the end of the authorities stating that kaynak Electrical arm teams have completed the installation work. Automatic barriers to level crossings. Almost all kinds of works required for the operation of trains have been completed. The new high-speed train is also expected to be downloaded and started to run in the near future. Yeni
The train, which is expected to be taken to the railroad tracks, will only work between Balıkesir-Dursunbey-Tavşanlı-Kütahya and Eskişehir. Izmir-Balikesir-Bandirma train running at certain times, the train will meet in Balikesir station is planned to carry passengers to go to Izmir. If the second of the train is taken between Izmir-Balikesir-Kütahya and Eskişehir is also aimed to do one more time a day.

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  1. Levent Bey Hello, I've shared this corner. Bandırma needs this train very much. Bandırma from Balıkesir to Izmir will also be electric. Therefore, this train, which is planned to be operated in Balıkesir Eskişehir, should definitely take off from Bandırma. In addition, the railway passes the central airport in Balikesir. If the transportation from Bandırma to the airport is facilitated with an integrated station, the flights to and from Trabzon to Trabzon and Van Adana will be possible in terms of the number of passengers. For this reason, if you draw attention to bring a point of view in this aspect of TCDD and Balıkesir metropolitan municipality, you will have great service to the region and country. Yours truly

  2. Review your resources when you're news. There is no new train or train. With Bandırma, this train has nothing to do. Years ago, the blue train and squared train will run as before. The road works are not yet finished. The start date of these trains is not yet clear. The answer will always start in the next month.

  3. I'm working at Tcdd I've been working at TCDd fishnets 1 meters even with the fold of the line of the kataner took less than 2 years of electrification work can only be achieved with diesel locomotives like before


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