Snowball in the ski resort protocol game

Snowball game of the protocol in the ski center: Governor Süleyman Kahraman, Mayor of the AK Party Cemalettin Başsoy played snowball in the Ergan Mountain Winter Sports Center in Erzincan. Ak Party Erzincan Provincial Chairman Orhan Bulut, Police Chief Doğan İnci and the surrounding area with the addition of snowball carts were flying in the air.

The Governor Süleyman Kahraman, who examined the Ergan Mountain Winter Sports Center, 10 kilometers from the city, Sebahattin Karakelle, AK Party Erzincan Deputy Mayor, Mayor Cemalettin Başsoy, Ak Party Provincial Chairman Orhan Bulut, Police Director Doğan İnci walked after the investigation at the facilities. `` Snowball fight '' started when a snowball that was not known from behind was hitting Mayor Cemalettin Başsoy during the march. While the snowballs were flying in the air suddenly, some of the thrown snowballs hit Governor Süleyman Kahraman. Thereupon, Mayor Başsoy and Süleyman Kahraman also responded to the snowballs thrown. AK Party Erzincan Deputy Sebahattin Karakelle also made a humorous approach by saying, "At the time, you threw snowballs to the governor of the state". Snowball fight has grown even more with the participation of Provincial President Orhan Bulut and Police Chief Doğan İnci in the snowball fight. From time to time, Governor Kahraman and Mayor Başsoy shared their trump cards with their snowballs. After a while, all the names in the protocol left the snowball game between them and turned to the press members trying to display themselves.

After the protocol snowball fight, he ate chestnuts at the stove at the facilities and ate it. Governor Süleyman Kahraman stated that a snowball came while he was not informed, “I am innocent. A ball was fired against the state. We did not leave it unanswered. In the end, a nice pleasant environment was created. I am satisfied with this. I want this to continue. ”

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