Sarıbay: We need to support the tram project

Sarıbay: We need to support the tram project.Demokrat Left Party Kocaeli Provincial Administration visited him during his visit Republican People's Party Kocaeli Provincial Chairman Cengiz Sarıbay, referring to the subject of the tram es Tram is a big project. We need to support this. Bunu
The visits of political parties and non-governmental organizations in the city to the Republican People's Party (CHP) Kocaeli Provincial Chairman Cengiz Sarıbay continue without a break. The Democrat Left Party (DSP) Kocaeli Provincial Administration visited Saribay in his office the previous evening. To visit; DSP Kocaeli Provincial Head Hayati Özzeren, DSP Headquarters Disciplinary Board Member Ruhi Saner, DSP Women's Branch General President Meral Uçarı, DSP Provincial Treasurer Hüseyin Tuluç, DSP Provincial Vice Presidents Selman Gürpınar and Ufuk Bagan and provincial administrators attended. Passing about the tram project after his good wishes sohbetSarıbay announced that he supports the tram project.
Speaking during the visit, DSP Headquarters Discipline Committee Member Ruhi Saner said, iplin Of course there will be various political parties. But politicians should have a certain knowledge and experience. Cengiz Sarıbay my brother was the provincial chairman. We want to see him in higher places, Onu he said. Then speaking, DSP Kocaeli Province President Hayati Özzeren said, 'I know Cengiz Bey from his presidency in 2009. Congratulations on being elected as provincial chairman. An important name for Kocaeli politics is Cengiz Sarıbay. We have only nuance differences with our CHP. We join in the left view and we always support each other. This is an important. We must have unity because Turkey always need left, "he said.
Thanking Özzeren's visit and congratulations, Sarıbay said, ler Thank you for coming. represents the left in Turkey and perform important. We must work hard and strive for this. We shouldn't throw in our towels. If we are to come here sooner or later we will come to places, but if we retreat we will leave the square to the AKP. We have to be united, not to support each other. Everyone has a boredom from the AKP. In fact, even from the right formations, 'President, I'll support you as a candidate we are promising' there are promises, '' he stressed that the unity.
. We should always be with the righteous. It's not a good thing to be against everything. The good one should be appreciated. For example, the tram project, which is now on the agenda, is an important project for Kocaeli. When the Metropolitan Municipality gave us briefings in the past months, we have examined this project. So they took our ideas. We must support this project. Any objections have already been made and the necessary corrections have been made. This project is a big project. However, if we talk about places such as Dubai Port and Derince Port, our attitude towards them will not change. The municipality should not eat the right. There are services. But their sensitivity to do things without harming humanity and the environment remains very superficial. Ama
Speaking about the tram project, Özzeren said, g The impression we received from architects and engineers is that they have reservations about the tram, they go to the Metropolitan Municipality on this issue and they talk about it but they are not getting results. Metropolitan treats this issue superficially. Karaosmanoglu says he planted trees and was green. But he's acting the other way around. They need to be more sensitive. Daha



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