Safety of SAR Railway Project Safety of White Rose Company

Safety of the SAR Railway Project Safety in the White Rose Company: Musa Akgül has managed to become one of the most ambitious firms in the sector by collecting the anti-terrorism security products, automatic door and barrier systems under the White Rose brand.
Musa Akgül has managed to become one of the most ambitious companies in the sector by gathering the anti-terrorism security products, automatic door and barrier systems under the White Rose brand.
Platinum Journal Karaman special supplement in the companies notably the Middle East countries, exporting to Europe, the world's 17 countries from Africa, White Rose, Chairman Musa Ahmed with a new technological product range in Turkey and in the world market was having a significant share. White Rose continues its global journey with ambitious steps, especially competing with the world's giants in road blockers.
Finally, Saudi Arabia oldu SAR Project ılar by taking the name of the name of the White Rose Rose, the success of increasing success has been adding a new one. White Rose, the giant project of Saudi Arabia's SAR project (Saudi Arabia Railroad Project), has managed to take the security products application of the project and has taken the safety of the most important and gigantic railway project in Saudi Arabia. It will provide. It is expected that White Rose will provide the entry-exit security and automation control of the products with road blocker, automatic barrier, automatic shutter, transition turnstile and white rose brand to be included in global projects.
Passenger trains were provided in accordance with international security and high quality standards, taking into account the urgent needs of the passengers in the SAR project of the Saudi authorities, which is groundbreaking in the transportation sector. Living in this high-level and important project, White Rose continues to make good progress in the sector.
SAR Railway Project; A railroad will be built by the Saudi Railways Organization (SAR) for transporting mines and passengers to the Al-Jalamid phosphate mine in the northwestern part of the Kingdom on AL-Zabirah, which will connect the existing railroad to the east coast. The project, which covers an area of ​​1200 km, is set at 615 million.
Speaking to the Platinum Magazine, White Rose Chairman of the Board Musa Akgül stated that dül Sultan Abdülhamit Han's dream was the Hicaz Railway. Despite the difficult conditions of the period, he was able to implement it. Now, taking part in a similar project is much more meaningful for us in this sense. Şimdi
Ahmed; Bir The 720 million-dollar 8 of the giant project that will connect the Saudi Railroad Organization to one end of the country. We will complete the security elements of the stage railway project. The 1200 railway will be built and the railways will be built by the Chinese company.
We know that the cost of the huge project, whose total cost is estimated to exceed 7 billion dollars, is covered by the Public Investment Fund and the distance between the north and the south of the country will shorten the 500 mileage. The railway will be opened gradually in 2016. With this line, the Gulf Cooperation Council railways project, which will connect all the Gulf countries, will contribute to the project.
The Kingdom, which has the largest economy in the Middle East, plans to spend over $ 1 billion in 8 for the integrated railway project that will travel the entire country. "said.

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