SAMULAŞ Pedestrian and Vehicles Warns for Level Crossings

SAMULAŞ Pedestrians and Vehicles Warned for Level Crossings: SAMULAŞ A. Ş. Kadir Gürkan, General Manager, yesterday, after the accident at the Fener Tram Stop, citizens, "pedestrians and vehicles crossing the crossroads more carefully and be patient," he warned.
Yesterday in the town of Ilkadim Harbor District Fener Durağı'nda occurred in the incident as a result of carelessness 1 people jumped and seriously injured on the tram. 52 YK, between the University of Samsun and the Metropolitan Municipality of Samsun by the trams of the tram as a result of the collision of the 112 Emergency Service by the ambulance Samsun Training and Research Hospital was removed and treated. Kadir Gurkan, who made statements on the subject, warned the citizens about the issues to pay attention while crossing the level crossings.
General Manager Kadir Gürkan stated that there has been a big decrease in tram accidents in the last 2 year. Düşüş Samsun Metropolitan Municipality SAMULAŞ A.Ş. We provide services to our people by operating the rail system, bus, ring transportation, ropeway and car park operations. We are trying to serve a total of 90 thousand citizens every day. In particular, our pedestrians and vehicle drivers can experience accidents due to technical disturbances or carelessness in the railroad system. 2014 20 20 vehicles, while the Metropolitan Municipality, the improvement work, the attention of the security officers in the stations and the attention of our tram vehicles, thanks to 40 pieces of 12 vehicles decreased by 2014 percent fell to 6. In 2015, 33 pedestrian contact in our level crossings decreased by 4 to XNUMX in XNUMX. These are pleasing developments, but there is still a risk in the level crossings, especially where the trams meet with vehicles and pedestrians. We do what we do with hardware investments and staff training. However, we want our citizens to be very careful and patient Ancak.
Gürkan said, bir It is an indication of how important it is to be careful when watching the pedestrian theme in our light station yesterday, how necessary it is to be patient. Our aim is to continue to provide public transport services in a safe and comfortable way to the people of Samsun. In our 2014-2015 77 event that was not damaged or damaged by light rail system, we experienced 6 mouses. They didn't turn into an accident. We live nearly annually about 7-XNUMX. For these survivors, our Accident Crimea Team is investigating the root causes and trying to eliminate the risks in the middle. Thus, we are trying to reduce the risks of life and property security for our citizens. In addition, the vehicle or pedestrian theme is often seen on Friday's weekdays. Türkish and Mimar Sinan Stations are the stations where we live mostly in vehicles and pedestrians. Geç When pedestrians and vehicles pass through level crossings, we demand that they be more careful and patient Yay.



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