Young people skiing

Ski Enjoyment of Youth in Samsun: Youth members of the 19 Mayıs Youth Center experienced an unforgettable day in Ladik Ski Center.

Samsun 19 May Youth Center, affiliated to the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Volunteers and Theater Club members had a pleasant day in Ladik Akdag.

Turkey's Ministry of Youth and Sports made by the four corners of youth centers, continue to provide services to young people. One of them is Samsun 19 May Youth Center. Young people working in the Volunteer and Theater Club of Samsun 19 May Youth Center experienced a day unforgettable in Ladik Akdağ with the Youth Center Manager and Youth Leaders. 33 young people participated in the nature trip activity among the annual activity programs of youth centers and skied in Ladik Akdağ. Members of the 19 May Youth Center Volunteers and Theater Club, which also visited the historical sites of Ladik District, also made a picnic in the Akdağ snow scenery.

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