SAMULAŞ Will Generate Its Own Electricity in Samsun

In Samsun SAMULAŞ Will Produce Its Own Electricity: Samsun Project Reconstruction, Construction, Investment, Industry and Trade Inc. (SAMULAŞ), affiliated to Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, has equipped the roof of the service building with solar energy panels to generate its own electricity.
SAMULAŞ General Manager Kadir Gürkan, renewable energy production in order to increase the work they said.
Stating that they placed a thousand solar energy panels on the roof of the building they use as a warehouse and service building in this context, Gürkan said, “Solar energy panels have a power of 250 watts. Our aim here is not only to meet some of the electricity used by the service building, but also to set an example for Samsun. After our project, some industrial companies in the city started an initiative to install solar panels on the roofs of their buildings. I believe this number will increase in the coming months ”.
Gürkan said that they expect a license to perform electricity production, said:
“Permission process continues. After these stages are completed, we will start production and meet 30 percent of the electricity generated by our service building. This will save an annual savings of 100 thousand lira. Beyond saving, the purpose of the project is to reveal that public institutions and private companies can implement this project. Our goal is to encourage our institutions, reduce carbon emissions to the air and generate electricity from the sun. "
Gürkan added that they hope that solar energy production will become widespread in Samsun thanks to the project.



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