Forgotten items on the tram in Samsun surprised

Forgotten items on tram in Samsun Surprised: The objects forgotten in Samsun, rail system vehicles and stations, astonish those who see.
Citizens suffering from the stress of everyday life, they can forget the vehicles next to them when they get on public transport. Forgotten items in trams, stations and buses, Samsun
Metropolitan Municipality Light Rail System Enterprise (SAMULAŞ AS) General Directorate of the lost goods section is waiting for their owners. The forgotten items include two university degrees and a bike ride on the tram as well as ney, laundry, backgammon, latest mobile phones, identity, wallet.
SAMULAŞ A.Ş., which states that some forgotten items create confusion. Support Services Manager İbrahim Şahin said, ring All of the items forgotten here are all found in tram, ring and express vehicles. We collect the forgotten things in this room. When the owner of the goods come to give these people. In general, the security staff at the stations at the university and gar stations are searching in the car. If there are forgotten items, the report is handed over to us. After the goods are delivered, we publish them on the website of SAMULAŞ. After publishing, citizens come and take it from us. In 2016 forgotten 72 articles came to us. Total thousand 400 goods entry. Approximately 500-600 numbers were delivered back to their owners. People can forget everything that comes to your mind here. Among the interesting items forgotten is the 2 university degree. This is just my weirdo. I don't know how they forget the diploma. Human 5-6 year by finishing university. He forgot about the diploma. Dipl
SAMULAŞ also keeps some clothes and stationery items in the lost goods section for a certain period and then donates them to charities. In this context, more than one thousand materials were donated to charities.

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