Train crossing Russia lost in Kazakhstan

The train that bypassed Russia disappeared in Kazakhstan: It was alleged that the Ukrainian train carrying European cargo and bypassing Russia was lost in Kazakhstan.
According to the Russian press, according to reports, the Ukrainian train, which was loaded with cargo from Europe, bypassed Russia to go to China. However, it was claimed that the train disappeared within the borders of Kazakhstan. First, officials of the Kazakhstan Railways Operator did not know the whereabouts of the train, but explained that he was moving somewhere in the country.
Allegedly not paid for the full load of wagons left in the station in the city of Karaganda. The officials who made statements again later said that due to the payment, the train was waiting for 2 days and then set off again after the operations were completed. Lastly, it was reported that the train reached the Dostik station near the Chinese border.
On the other hand, the first trial flights from Europe to China were launched in January at 15. Moving from the port of Odichevsk in Odessa, Ukraine, the train is expected to arrive in China through Georgia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. In this way, the freight sent from Europe to China must pass through both the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. In the event that customs and other procedures did not prolong, this trip was planned to last for 9 days. Traveling from Europe to China via train via Russia is about 30.

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