Two Skiers Remained Under Avalanche

Two Skiers Under Avalanche in Palandöken Rescued: 3 skiers who skied in the forbidden zone in Palandöken Ski Center of Erzurum caused avalanches.

In Erzurum's Palandöken Ski Center, 3 skiers skiing in the 'forbidden zone' caused an avalanche. Seeing that 2 friends remained under the snow cult, the skier took one out with his own means, and the other team rescued.

Abdülselam Çiloğlu, Ömer Çakır and Konuray Taşköprülü, who entered the creek bed, which is the 'forbidden zone' below the Dedeman Hotel on Palandöken Mountain, at 16.00:156 today, caused an avalanche. Unable to escape the avalanche, Konuray Taşköprülü and Abdülselam Çiloğlu remained under the snow cult. Ömer Çakır pulled his head out of the snow to intervene in Konuray, right next to him, to breathe. Cakir, rushing to the aid of his other friend, also called XNUMX gendarmes with his cell phone and asked for help.

The Gendarmerie Search and Rescue (JAK), Ski Patrolers affiliated to Palandöken and Konaklı Ski Center Department and AFAD teams who went to the scene reached and removed Abdülselam Çiloğlu under the snow with a work that took about 10 minutes. Çiloğlu was placed on a stretcher and moved to a waiting snowmobile about 20 meters away. Meanwhile, firefighters who came to the scene accompanied the work.

After the injured skiers were removed from the danger zone, they were taken to jet-skis and transported in front of the gondola lifts where the ambulances were located. Abdülselam Çiloğlu, whose condition was serious according to his friends, was taken to the Regional Training and Research Hospital Emergency Service by ambulance. It was reported that Çiloğlun was in good health during his examination.

The officials stated that skiers entered the forbidden area, which was declared as an avalanche zone and had warning signs in Palandöken Ski Center, “Thank goodness there is no loss of life. Upon the notice, the teams went to the scene in a short time. Abdülselam Çiloğulu, who was under the snow, was taken out and brought to the ambulances with his friends. “We learned that Çiloğlu, who was taken to the hospital, was in good health”.

On the other hand, Konuray Taşköprülü, who narrowly escaped death and could not overcome the shock he experienced, said, “There is nothing important. We exercise adrenaline. These are normal things, ”he said.

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