Protest Action from CHP to Transportation Hike

Protest Action from CHP against Transportation Hike: Republican People's Party (CHP) Youth Branch of Avcılar District Presidency made a press statement at Avcılar Metrobus stop in order to protest the recent hikes in urban transportation in Istanbul. Participants in the statement then got on the metrobus through the free turnstile.
Members of CHP Avcılar District Youth Branches arrived at the Avcılar Metrobus stop this afternoon and made a press statement at the Avcılar metrobus crossing to protest the increases in the urban transportation.
CHP Avcılar Youth Branch President Okan Yılmaz, who has announced on behalf of the group that carries "If there is a minimum wage increase, there is a raise in transportation", "We are getting a raise by the nation" and shouting "How far is the raise?" studied.
Yilmaz said, "In the past months, the hikes that started with water and public bread, motor vehicles, environmental cleaning tax, passport, identity card, driver's license, notary papers, special transaction stamp taxes continued with an increase of 5.58 percent and traffic insurances with 20 percent."
Stating that there is a 16 percent increase in bridges and highway crossings, Yılmaz said, “Finally, with the increase in transportation, the hike that ended 'for now' has bent our people's waist. As the Republican People's Party, we continue to seek their rights by considering the interests of our people today, as always. Today, while our people cannot breathe economically, while no salary has reached the level to eliminate poverty, the increase in transportation, which is our most fundamental right, has been the last straw. As CHP Avcılar Youth Organization, we expect Kadir Topbaş to answer our following question; Why are these transportation hikes while oil prices are falling in the world? " said.
The actors then took the metropolitan bus without paying a toll.

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