Havaray station will be established in Podmoskovye

Havaray station will be established in Podmoskovye: It was reported that the first havaray station will be established in Podmsokovye in July. It is stated that the 1 kilometer long "Strela" havaray system has started to be implemented in Podmoskovye.
According to the news given by the Moscow agency, "Morton" company, which will implement the havaray system, has completed the preparatory work. Concrete poles started to be erected in the construction area, iron construction materials required for the "Strela" airfield began to be transported to the area. Nearly 10 equipments took their place in the construction area. In parallel with these studies, the first test wagon that will carry passengers on the airports started to be collected in Germany.
The "Strela" havaray system will pass through the Ilyinsko-Usovo district and then continue parallel to the Novorijsky highway and will reach the transfer point on the 22nd kilometer of the Novorijsky highway up to the TPU. The length of the air track will be 8 kilometers. Several stops are planned in the Ilyinsko-Usovo district and next to the huge infrastructure buildings on the Novorijsky highway. The number of stops will be determined in line with the demands of those living there and those who will move to the region. After TPU, Podmoskovye fast tram line will be drawn up to the metro station "Myakinino".
The issue of establishing the havaray system in Podmoskovye has been on the agenda for many years. Previously, there were plans to unite Moscow with Podmoskovye cities, but the capital authorities did not lean towards this idea, considering that city transport is already very busy.


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