Avalanche drill

Avalanche drill in Palandöken: The avalanche drill held in Palandöken Ski Center under the coordination of Erzurum Provincial AFAD Search and Rescue Union was just as real.

Turkey Disaster Response Draft (TAMPA) Erzurum within Palandöken Ski Center City AFAD Search and Rescue Association coordinate the gendarmerie and UMKE the teams participation in the avalanche exercise gerçekleştirildi.tatbikat area under an avalanche while scenarios for the sake of skiing 11 skiers, the crew was rescued at work as a result.

Erzurum Provincial Disaster Emergency Manager Selahattin Karslı stated that three different exercises were performed simultaneously in Istanbul, Ankara and Erzurum today and said, “We are doing the avalanche drill on which the service groups also support within the scope of our country's Disaster Response Draft. 11 skiers who were under avalanche were rescued by the work of our teams. "We had drills from time to time to supervise the trainings given."