Palandöken made a difference to Uludağ

Palandöken made a difference to Uludağ: Although the warming of the weather and the temperature values ​​increased, the snow thickness in Palandöken is at the threshold of 163 centimeter. One and a half inches of snow found that Palandöken, one of the highest thickness of the snow that winter tourism centers in Turkey with Alanya, is experiencing a serious competition with plenty of Kartalkaya.


General Directorate of Meteorology According to the data of the special thickness of the snow, Erzurum Palandöken Ski Center 163 centimeter with the thickness of the 185 centimeter is the second place after Kartalkaya. Uludag is trying to highlight the press with manipulative news in terms of snow thickness and is the 82 rank of 15 with 10 centimeter.


Winter Ski Tourism Centers Kartalkaya Ski Center 185, Palandoken Ski Center 163, Sarikamis Ski Center 160, Erzurum Konakli Ski Center 148, Bitlis Nemrut Ski Resort 127, Ilgaz Ski Resort 115, Erciyes Ski Resort 113, Hazarbaba Ski Resort 110, Erzincan Ergan KM 102, Uludag Ski Center 82, Davraz Ski Resort 75, Yildiztepe Ski Center 70, Kartepe Ski Center 51, Yildizaki Ski Center 50, Gerede Arkut Ski Resort 30 has an inch of snow.