Bike landing in Palandöken ski resort

Bike landing in Palandöken ski center: DADAK Outdoor Sports Club members, who were riding their bikes in Palandöken Mountain in Erzurum, landed on the 11 kilometer track by skiers.

Today, the center of the town of Yakutiye 06.00 gathered at the time of the sun to the Palandöken Ski Center, the athletes, the gondola station next to the ropeway to ride the bicycle rides. DADAK Outdoor Sports Club members, who ride their bikes in front of the Dedeman Hotel at an altitude of 2 thousand 400 meters above sea level, made a break in the ski slopes. In the valley 11 kilometers long A-1 from the ski slope 30 cycling, cycling in the snow went down. In Palandöken, where the air temperature dropped to 20 below zero, the athletes who were freezing the beard and mustache were accompanied by the patrols of Palandöken and Konaklı Ski Center. Teenagers loading a large adrenalin during the 15 lasting descent, completed the tour by screaming.

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