Army Coast to Plateau

Ordu Coast to Plateau Ropeway: The Black Sea's unique beauty with high-speed cable car will be out. The feasibility studies for the cable car line from the coast to the highlands in Ordu have been started.

The projects that the army had dreamed of for a while are coming to life. 140 is the yearly dream, Black Sea Mediterranean Road is coming to the end of the city, 50 annual imagination, the Army - Giresun Airport is built on the sea, a new project is more life. The coastal plateau will be built on the 30 kilometer line.


Regarding the subject, the Governor of the Army Irfan Balkanlıoğlu, the project will take place with people from the beach to the plateau, with a magnificent view of the coast after a comfortable and comfortable journey can reach. Turkey's "can not be called" roads, tunnels and doing bridges, Europe's seas carrying the first and the distinction of being the only airport built on reminding Ordu-Giresun complete the Airport Army Governor Irfan Balkanlıoğlu, Turkey is now noted that reaches this power. Providing information about the project, which is planned to make great contributions to the development of tourism in Ordu, Governor Balkanlıoğlu said, le There will be a cable car ride between the plateau and the plateaus. This application with examples in the world why not in our country? When we are in the cable car, our people from the airport will reach our plateaus with a much shorter, more comfortable and comfortable journey. T


Governor Balkanlıoğlu, said: geliş This project will contribute greatly to the tourism, development and development of the Army. The DOKAP (Eastern Black Sea Project) Regional Development Administration initiated a study. Our Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Numan Kurtulmuş also presented the reasons for the feasibility and the report. Technical details were prepared to prepare the feasibility report. Making a feasibility report is also a great engineering job. If feasible (feasible) is found, project and investment program will be structured. Once the 15 km road, tens of tunnels, hundreds of km of tunnels were first mentioned, UM Where is the source? These were imagined. But now the 15 thousand-kilometer split road almost endured 20 a thousand km. The seas have now been overcome with bridges like the Bosphorus Bridge. Therefore, the cable car to the highlands to reach these beauties can not be made short? Turkey has also reached our nation now and this power. Hopefully the cable car will also be here. İn


The cable car, which is planned to be built on a line of approximately 30, will reach the Çambaşı Plateau from Ordu through a suitable valley. With this project, which will unite Ordu - Giresun Airport, the local and foreign tourists coming to the region will be able to reach 2 thousand meters high plateaus with the unique view of the Army thanks to the cable car.

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