The parade was destroyed

The gate was demolished: the underpass was closed for high-speed train and suburban line. Shopkeepers who say they pay high rents face the risk of closing shutters.
The renovation works of Haydarpaşa-Pendik suburban line were planned to be terminated at 2017. When the Suadiye subway, which connects Ayşeçavuş Street to Bağdat Street, was demolished and closed to traffic, the works of tradesmen were cut like a knife. The Ministry of Transport said that the completion of the underpass construction will find the 6 month.
Gökhan Erinç, owner of the shoe store in Beverly Heels, said that many buildings around them were demolished in the area of ​​urban regeneration. We've been broken down when the vehicle traffic is redirected. We don't know when construction will end. We are not very easy situation, Çok he said.
Nejdet Demirci, the owner of the Suadiye Furnace, stated that the closure of the passage was a demolition for tradesmen and that they had difficulty in paying their rent in the neighborhood where their rent ranged from 9 to 15 thousand TL. . They could have made a passage for a certain period of time during construction. They closed a very important passage connecting Bagdat Street to the minibus method and stopped the life. Bağ
Neslihan Aksoy owner of the Dilek Deli, expressing that the summer in the summer, ğ We were less impressed by the passage of the passage summer, ibi he said. . 2 will be opened after the year when the train station is closed, ”said Aksoy, who said that 5 has not been opened in the year. Aç If it goes like this, many trades will close the dandruff Tren.
For the owner of Flamingo Florist Kadir Şeker, the Ministry closed the passage without producing a counterpart on access and turned the huge avenue into a dead end. Kadir Şeker, who expressed that the railroad is at the same level with the street at some point, can make a level crossing from here. Authorities, administrators and the people who made it here certainly should not ignore the situation of trades here, Yet he said.
In the information given by the Ministry of Transport, the regulation stated that the traffic flow was shifted by 690 meters: ü In order to complete the works, 6 was closed to vehicle and pedestrian traffic with monthly time. 10 days earlier, the public was informed. With the passage closed, pedestrians were directed to the underpass located at a distance of about 20 meters, while cars were directed to the highway underpass. Geç

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