Metrobus failure paralyzed traffic

Metrobus malfunction paralyzed the traffic: At 08.00:XNUMX am, during the transition from Anatolia to Europe, a metrobus broke down and closed a lane to traffic. Traffic concentrated on the first bridge road also affected the second bridge.
In the morning, a metrobus malfunctioned at the entrance of the Bosphorus Bridge during the peak hours of traffic before work.
Metrobus that could not be removed for a long time caused a strip to be closed.
When the lane narrowed, the traffic extended to Ataşehir. After this point, traffic was blocked in this direction due to the vehicles heading to Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge.
The traffic caused by the defective metrobus drawn from the entrance of the bridge around 09.00 affected all the main arteries connected to the bridge crossings of Istanbul.
At present, the traffic stopping around Levent-Maslak-Sarıyer.

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