Metrobus will be on the way to Düzce

Metrobus will be on the roads of Duzce: Duzce Municipality is preparing to move to the metrobus system in public transportation.
President Mehmet Keles said that in the first stage, 3 metrobus will be taken and then they will increase this number to 6.
Mayor Mehmet Keles, gave information to members of the Assembly on public transport service. Mayor Mehmet Keleş stated that they are working for a convenient and fast transportation system in traffic flow in Düzce and said “Our goal is to realize the application of rubber wheeled metro metro.
27 or even 90 vehicles serve within the municipal boundaries. There are also 3 one 20 meter bellows buses. Thus, the 93 vehicle is at once. Transportation is available in 4 region in Duzce: Duzce Merkez Permanent Houses (Total 7 Line), Duzce Central Neighborhoods (15 Line), Duzce Center Konuralp- University (3 Line), Permanent Houses University- Konuralp (2 Line)
Metrobus is a public transport that has emerged as a combination of metro and bus. It works on lanes separated by rubber wheels. Since it has a special lane of its own, it can move quickly in traffic. The interval between stops is longer compared to other bus systems. Metrobus roads usually operate one line. Passengers get out and board all doors. The stair platform and the bus entry heights are the same and there is no exit by stairway to make landing and landing easily. The passenger capacity used is higher. Due to these features, the number of passengers benefiting from the system is higher than other bus systems. Journeys are faster. The vehicles have more passenger capacity than the standard buses, they are more comfortable and faster because there is no traffic problem.

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