Metro will change the face of Sancaktepe

Metro will change the face of Sancaktepe: Urban Transformation Projects in Istanbul, 3. The regions that host the connection roads of the projects such as the bridge, the new airport, the Eurasia Tunnel and the metro lines that are about to run out, continue to develop rapidly with the easy transportation facilities they provide. Especially the branded projects on the Anatolian side of the city change the face of the collar, Sancaktepe and Sultanbeyli, which stand out as the fastest developing districts by providing easy transportation, add value to their value every day.
The metro line that will be in service soon will change the face of Sancaktepe
3 will be in service this year. The investments in Sancaktepe, which will have a great ease in transportation with the bridge and Üsküdar-Sancaktepe subway, are also being evaluated every day. Within the boundaries of the Şile Motorway and the TEM Highway, the district is 3. The bridge will be connected to the North Marmara Motorway. The location of the district, which is in a very valuable position between the two exit points on the Anatolian Side of the North Marmara Motorway, offers ease of transportation and increases the supply and demand for the real estate sector.
One of the reasons contributing to the value of the district in terms of investors is the increase in the popularity of the districts of Çekmeköy and Ümraniye. The development of these regions leads to an increase in land and square meter prices in Sancaktepe.
As well as the transportation facilities of the district, which is facilitated with each passing day, the nature of the region, where the northern forests next to it are protected, increases the attractiveness of Sancaktepe. Also, the City Hospital project with 400 beds, which will be completed soon, stands out as one of the features that will add value to the region. In the complex, it is expected that 15 will run close to a thousand personnel and the average daily 100.000 will be in complex.
Sinpaş Köyceğiz rising in Sancaktepe dazzles with its location
The project, which is one of the branded housing projects that add value to the region, is located on the TEM motorway, Sancaktepe is just 4 kilometers to the box office, and the Şile motorway is located at the distance of 5. The location of the project, commercial areas in the immediate vicinity, schools, hospitals and the ongoing metro transportation in the region also stands out. The biggest city hospital in Europe, planned next to Köyceğiz project, increases the life and investment value of Köyceğiz day by day.
3. Sultanbeyli comes at the beginning of the regions where the bridge will add value
Sultanbeyli, which is the most preferred region for real estate investors after Ataşehir, Çekmeköy and Sancaktepe on the Anatolian Side, will become one of the most important destinations in Istanbul with the 3rd Bridge expected to be put into service this year. Sultanbeyli, which will host the most important motorway connections on the Anatolian side with the exits of the 3rd bridge in Alemdağ and Mevlana neighborhood, Kadıköy - By connecting the Kartal subway to the region, it will have great convenience in transportation. In the region, which has attracted the attention of investors with its rise in recent years, the great increase in housing prices is remarkable. The region also provides convenience with its easy access to Sabiha Gökçen Airport.
In addition to the ease of transportation, new ones continue to be added to the squares that have beautified the face of Sultanbeyli. Yunus Emre Park and Square, Turgut Reis Park, Sultanbeyli, Suleyman Square, the other major and important investments of Sultanbeyli education campuses, university project, sports high school, 40 bin book library, congress and show center, the new city square and The central mosque, the Aydos Forest Nature Park and the covered parking lot.
Sinpaş Liva Turkuaz, the first branded housing project completed in the region
2019 will be available in 3 with the addition of a separate metro line to add value to the Sultanbeyli's rising Sinpas Yapı Liva Turkuaz project, the project is the first completed in the region draws attention. Located right in front of the project, the IETT stop provides easy access to Kartal Metro and Umraniye via the 2 line. Liva Turkuaz is located at the 5M Migros of the Anatolian side of Sultanbeyli.





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