Merzifon - Samsun Railway Survey, pre-selection applications for the project tender were collected

Pre-selection applications for TCDD Merzifon - Samsun Railway Project Survey, project and consultancy service tender were collected
TC. Pre-selection applications for the tender for "Mazifon-Samsun (Infrastructural, Electromechanical) Railway Surveying, Project, Engineering and Advisory Service" within the scope of the "Preparation of Samsun - Çorum - Kırıkkale Railway Projects" to be carried out by the General Directorate of State Railways (TCDD) Gathered on 05.
Investments MagazineAccording to the information received by; The companies that applied for pre-selection for the tender are as follows:
1. Altinok Consultancy
2. Bote
3. Contact Emay directly
4. Erbil Project
5. Erka-As - Koba MM.
6. Mega Engineering
7. Mescioğlu Eng.
8. METROPLAN-atac-Transtech
9. Optim
10. Protek
11. Engineering
12. Su-Yapı Müh. - KMG
13. Systra - Tanjant Müh.
14. Tekfen Engineering
15. Temat - Inpro - Geogis
16. Temelsu Eng.
17. Temta - House - ICPM
18. All, Tütk Engineering
19. UBM Inc.
20. the Yooshin
21. Contact Yüksel directly
22. Yüksel Project
Reference: Investments 1267 / 18 January 2016 (EE)


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