2019 setting for Mega projects

2019 setting for mega projects: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality; The Eurasia Tube Crossing, which is under construction in the city, has accelerated its efforts to raise metro, highway, rail systems, cable cars, new squares and cultural centers to 2019 in connection with the third bridge, third airport and Marmaray.
made in Istanbul in Turkey, forming the backbone of economic and social life of ongoing mega projects to accelerate private road map is being prepared. After the 2014 local elections, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, who wanted to prepare for the 2015 elections together with the two general elections held in 2019, put the projects together with the district municipalities for the ongoing and planned works in the city. The team, headed by the Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbaş, listens to the demands of the district municipalities and creates a comprehensive action plan for the work to be done.
According to the road map, which envisages the completion of long-term projects such as metro, bridge, road, urban transformation and environmental investments, it is aimed to bring the projects to Istanbul residents in 2016-2017 period. The Eurasia Tube pass, the third bridge, the third airport, the metro works and the Marmaray project continue. Topbaş, who met with mayors in Istanbul, which is divided into three regions, listened to the projects demanded to be carried out in the urgent, medium and long term. Among the projects envisaged to be realized with the resources of the Metropolitan Municipality, requests such as square arrangement, highway, rail systems, cable cars, cultural centers, and sports halls were included. Most of the important investments are planned to be put into service in 2019.
Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yıldırım, visited the taxi drivers cooperative at Atatürk Airport. Stating that he is proud of the work they do with the drivers, Yıldırım said, “Don't worry about the new airport. "You will continue to be there with more opportunities and more jobs." Yıldırım said, “The work at the third airport is going well as we planned. I can even say a little ahead of what we planned. The first part of 90 million capacity will be opened in the first quarter of 2018 ”. Yıldırım stated that the tender of the third bridge connection roads was postponed for 2 months in line with the demands of the companies.
Turkey's most important transportation project for the construction of the planned Istanbul Canal project, Istanbul made 100 thousand in the revised work plan. New strategies are being developed for Istanbul's mega projects within the scope of the studies that many ministries and state institutions work together. The works are carried out by reviewing all stages legally. In this context, 100 thousand plans will be completed by June. Then, it is expected to tender until the end of the year for etude and field studies.



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