Mega Projects Will Increase Istanbul's Trade

Mega Projects to Boost Trade in Istanbul: Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, one of the major actors of today, Turkey's economy grew, assessed President İbrahim Çağlar mega projects.
Projects such as Marmaray, Eurasia Tunnel and Canal Istanbul will increase Istanbul's trade as well as its strategic importance. While the mega city is on its way to becoming the center of global logistics, the heart of the merchant is still beating in Eminönü.
Over 1 billion lira of trade is carried out daily in Sultanhamam, Grand Bazaar, Perşembepazarı, IMÇ and Tahtakale. Although the city's borders have developed, Eminönü has always been of central importance since the Ottoman Empire. The Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO), which has settled here for 132 years, is an important proof of this. Sultan II. Abdulhamid wants to gather sector representatives in the same organization in order to address the trade problems in the 19th century. In 1882, in Galata, Mehmed Ali Paşa Hanı, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, which started its activities in apartment number 12, is among the biggest chambers of the world with its nearly 400 thousand members. The chamber, which was established by borrowing 200 lira from Azaryan Efendi at that time, represents an economy of billions of lira today. We came together with İTO President İbrahim Çağlar and breathe the atmosphere of trade in Eminönü.
According to Ibrahim Caglar said he went to Turkey of goods here, in our country, ie clustering, Eminonu where it started the tradition of gathering in the same area of ​​similar businesses. No matter how much electronic commerce and giant production facilities develop, Eminönü still steers the country's trade. Moreover, it is an important symbol for the preservation of the commercial ethics of the Ottoman Empire. Stating that Eminönü is much more than a touristic place, Çağlar said, “Touristic items and jewelery are concentrated in the Grand Bazaar and textile and weaving is concentrated in Sultanhamam. When we say money market, Tahtakale. "This is the main centers of Istanbul."
While emphasizing the lack of a cluster like Eminönü in growing Istanbul, Çağlar summarizes the problem with the following sentences: “Manufacturing extended to Tuzla, Pendik. Now it is very valuable there too. For example, the value of the land in Bayrampaşa has increased 10 or 10 times compared to 20 years ago. We need to create areas around the city where these industries can settle. While doing this, we have to do it with a full clustering logic. As in the Eminönü example. " Çağlar emphasizes the importance of addressing the region within the scope of urban transformation. He even shares the information that the Metropolitan Municipality included such a plan in the 2016 master plan.
ISKUR model for Syrian investors and employees
According to the records of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, the number of companies with Syrian capital established in 12 months this year has increased to 1.017. In the same period of 2014, 651 companies were registered. The amount of capital committed by Syrian investors among 1017 companies increased to 129 million 424 thousand 425 TL. We talk to İbrahim Çağlar about Syrian immigrants and work permits. Sharing that there are not many complaints from his members about Syrian employees, Çağlar emphasizes the importance of looking from the full side of the glass and says that we should make good use of the qualified workforce and Syrian capital that wants to invest.
Çağlar said, “As ITO, within the scope of the social responsibility project, we help not only the refugees in our country but also the refugees in Aleppo. When you look at the business world, there are also very experienced and entrepreneurial business people who come from there. This could be an opportunity, ”he says. İbrahim Çağlar also shares the information that Syrians who will be given work permits can be directed to sectors needed under the responsibility of İŞKUR. Stating that the workforce needs of the private sector with different qualifications can be met from Syrians, Çağlar states that those who have a work permit can find jobs in their fields of expertise through İŞKUR units. According to Çağlar, this situation will prevent unregistered employment as well as ensure healthy running of employment within a certain system.
Basics 19. The Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, 14, entered the 132 age in January. Room's history, but also the story of the birth of Turkey. ITO, the 81 Professional Committee and the 400 is one of the largest trading chambers in the world with close to a thousand members.
Giant Istanbul model for France
ITO also doubled its representation area in MIPIM, the world's largest real estate fair, this year. İbrahim Çağlar said, "The urban transformation projects of Turkish companies and the mega infrastructure projects planned by our state for Istanbul will be introduced to foreign investors of 89 countries". The 'Living Istanbul Model', which is the biggest model of Istanbul ever built, will take its place in the fair. Turkey, Much-joined last year with close to 700 people. This year, we are getting ready for the biggest participation in our history to the fair, where companies from 90 countries take part.
Despite the internet, the trade spirit is still the same
Ibrahim Caglar speaks with the internet economy. Şt Actually, if you look at the shape of the trade does not change in essence, ığ Çağlar said, only the tools used are differentiated. You can buy the product without leaving your home. However, the phenomenon of solidarity in the old today leaves the place of the model slightly different. That old spirit of solidarity is changing, people are shopping without seeing each other. Maybe a new generation of old-fashioned trades will not see. Yeni

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