London Mayor Candidate Affected by Marmaray

The Mayor of London is very impressed by Marmaray: lar This should be done in London, altyapı said the mayor of London, who is very impressed with infrastructure and transportation investments such as Marmaray in Istanbul.
London's capital, 5, will elect the new mayor in May. Five candidates were nominated for the election, while polls indicate that the leader of the main opposition Labor Party, Sadik Khan, has a high chance of presidential duty. If Khan is elected, he will be London's first Muslim mayor.
A child born in London of a Pakistani family, the 45-year-old Khan answered questions about Turkish society and election promises.
Khan, who was very impressed with the infrastructure and transportation investments such as Marmaray in Istanbul, said:
Malı This should be done in London. In 2020 the population is expected to be 9 million, while in 2030 it is expected to be million in 10. We will invest more in transportation and housing sector. Air pollution in London is also a big problem. Londra
. If I am elected as mayor of London, I would like to compete not only with Paris, New York and Berlin, but also with other cities in Istanbul or China or India. I see the young population in Istanbul as an opportunity and I want to see Istanbul and London work with each other. I would like to bring trade delegations from Istanbul to London and make investments in London erek.
”Young people should understand Islam“
Değil We must ensure that young people understand the true Islam, not the terrorists trying to spread them, İngiliz Khan said. We need to ensure that young people are good examples, more integrated. I think the government's current radicalization prevention strategies don't work. Hükümet

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