The Locomotive Minibus Collided in Kütahya 1 Injured (Video)

1 Injured in the town of Kütahya 1 Injured: Detail of the scene from the van involved in the accident Detail of the van involved in the accident of the driver of the minibus driver Kızılpınar'ın close to the crossing of the locomotive in Kütahya, the result of a collision with the minibus XNUMX people were injured.
Detail from the scene of the minibus involved in the accident The woman who was close to the minibus driver Kızılpınar who was involved in the accident, was wounded in the collision of the locomotive and the minibus in Kütahya. According to the information, Atilla Kızılpınar (1) administration of the 39 BB 43 plate minibus, Air Brigade crossing a level crossing, Alayunt station to go to Kütahya station collided with the locomotive.
As a result of the collision, the minibus was thrown into the field and the driver Kızılpınar was wounded. 112 Emergency Service teams removed from Dumlupınar University Evliya Çelebi Training and Research Hospital learned that the danger of life.
On the other hand, the news of the accident from the incident and a nervous breakdown in the vicinity of a woman who comforted the police police.
The investigation is ongoing.

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