Underpass in Levent Metro Station Closed

Underpass at Levent Metro Station Closed: The sub-passage which has toggled between Metrocity AVM and Kanyon Shopping Mall was closed by the municipality.
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Istanbul Transportation Inc. The subway is closed by the municipality in the subway, which is located between Levent Metro Station and MetroCity AVM.
Tens of shopkeepers cannot run their shops.
Under the existing lease agreement, the commercial enterprises operating in the sub-gate are not prevented from operating the shops.
In 2011, tenants are not taken to the rented stores with the Lease Agreement.
The municipality could not convert tenants into a shopping center during the 5 year and could not open the place. Now the pain of this situation is almost removed from the tenants / small trades.
Shopping center with all of their savings, but the contract written in the contracts in the vast majority of the shopkeepers never failed to shut down, the material has suffered a great deal of moral damage.
The few tradesmen who tried to keep their shop open by their own means went to open their shops in the morning hours of 29 February 2016 but they found that the passage doors were closed.
No trades here are big business owners. Small businesses that exist with their own means.
Victimized shop owners wait at the entrance of the passage. They are waiting for the municipality to end its behavior that does not comply with the law and humanity and to operate its shops!
On the entrance and exit of the municipal passage, the post "We are closed due to renovations" has been hung. No issue has been notified to the tenants of what the renovation is, how long it will last. 2-3 tenants were sent 15 days prior to this and it was informed that the passage would be closed due to the renovation and they had to empty the shops. However, it has not been reported how long the renovation will be for, and whether they will be able to return to their shops at the end of the renovation. The majority of the tenants did not include the article.



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