The star of the village children will shine

The stars of the village children will shine: At Yıldız Mountain Winter Sports and Tourism Center, which has been operating for 2 seasons in Sivas, it is aimed to train 330 students studying in village schools as skiers of the future with the project named 'Stars of Sivas Shine'.

Under the project, 11 7 in the village 17-330 children between the years, National Education Directorate, Ski Provincial Representation and Youth Services and Sports Provincial Directorate in cooperation with the permission of the families were selected.

330 children selected from students with high school success and body resistance receive ski training under the supervision of experts at the center. Where all his students about the missing 477 thousand pounds skiing main objective of the project budget, to train Olympic champion skier of the children in the villages will represent Turkey in the international arena.

Secretary General of the Special Provincial Administration Salih Ayhan, AA correspondent, 2 season in the ski resort training, operation and intense studies were carried out in the sense of promotion.

Stating that the center has reached a good point in a short time, Ayhan stated that the most important work is done in the field of education programs. Ayhan stated that they wanted to train good and qualified athletes in the center and in this context, they implemented the project called “Stars of Sivas Shine”.

In the scope of the project, Ayhan stated that the first 11 village in the vicinity of Yildiz Mountain was chosen by the 330 students who have high school resistance and body resistance.

"We will train 10 students in 5 years"

Ayhan, the ski academy will open and will organize serious training programs by expressing, said:

"Most licensed skiers to train in Turkey, one of our biggest goals. We have 10 years of planning. This is where we aim to be the most ski training center in Turkey. First of all, our target audience is secondary school students. There are 120 thousand secondary education students in Sivas. We will also include Tokat and carry out training activities in this region. As an institution, we aim to raise 500 students a year and 10 thousand students in 5 years. 5 thousand people in the 5 percent we do the very best skier, Turkey catches a serious chance. "

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