YHT to 300 kilometers to Konya line

300 kilometer speed to the Konya line YHT: 300 kilometer speed to the first line of Konya, indicating that the first trial of Transport, Maritime and Communication Minister Binali Yildirim, for this purpose 7 high-speed train set was taken into service, one of the others in this year will be completed.
First trial of 300 kilometers speed YHTs on Konya line
YHT'a suitable lines on the speed of 250'dan 300 kilometers, they have started the first attempt in the Konya line transfer Yildirim, for this purpose, one of the 7 high-speed train has been taken into service, one came, others will be completed in this year, he said.
considering lines to do the actual project, 106 YHT set of voicing is to be produced in Turkey, at least so 53 local content Project Lightning, he continued the preparations, he said that it is planned to join the fleet as 2018 of this project for the set.
”25 million people moved on YHT lines“
Which is very important in the development of the railway sector for Turkey, expressing Lightning can not be completed until the xnumx'l year, "even gone back. Current lines could not be viewed. Railways who should bear the burden of Turkey, Turkey, has become carries the railways, "he said.
Yildirim said they would like to continue the high-speed train lines and renew the existing lines, where they will make electric and non-signaled lines, electric and signaled.
Yildirim pointed out that they have taken important steps for the establishment of the national and national railway industry with the railway move that started at 2003. konuştu.konhab is
Emphasizing that they continue their prototypes for high speed passenger sets and freight wagons, Yıldırım said that 10 has also developed its own ecosystem in the development of railways and that there are clustering around one thousand 500.
Lightning, 2004 805 mileage railway network has been completed until today, the 3 thousand 57 mileage railway network, the construction continues.
YHT'lerın aims to connect the metropolitan metropolitan Yildirim, YHT lines, 25 million people moved, he said.

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