Planning error at the Konak Tram has been costly

The planning error at Konak Tram has been costly: As a result of the shift of the Metropolitan Tramway from Konak to the sea side, the coastal arrangement spent 3 million pounds last year will become unusable.
After the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality finalized its tender last year, the planning mistake in Konak Tram, where 4 went to change the route once, became expensive. Starting from Üçkuyular to Halkapınar, the total length of the 12.7 kilometer is Konak Tramway. Between the Üçkuyular and Göztepe Ferry Piers, it struck the coastal arrangement that found approximately 3 kilometers. The walking and cycling paths and seating groups built under the coastal arrangement will be broken and shed during the rail laying works. Citizens who rebelled against the events, "Public damage, resulting in embezzlement bureaucrats," he said. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, last year in order to solve the problem of public transportation in the city Karşıyaka and Konak trams. 182 million 144 thousand pounds plus 69 million 153 thousand 255 thousand euros in the package tender of the Metropolitan Gülermak Heavy Industry Construction Company took. Site delivery was made with the contractor company. All of this happened right after it is happened. KarşıyakaRoute changes were made in 3 in Konak and 4 in Konak Tramway. It was decided to divide the line starting from the side of the Üçkuyular Pazaryeri on the Konak Tramway and coming up to the Marina Junction and shifting one of the lines to the coastal section of the coastal road.
Meanwhile, from Büyükşehir Çiğli to Güzelbahçe, 40 started to reorganize the coastline. Within the scope of 'İzmir Sea Coastal Arrangement Project', the coastline between Konak Pier and Passport and the Konak coast were organized and organized in the first place. Within the same project, the 1.5 coastline between the Üçkuyular Ferry Port and Göztepe Ferry Port was reorganized. The study, which started in February of 3, which cost about 7 million 2014 thousand liras, was completed in April and presented to the use of İzmir. Under the arrangement, cruise amps, private shore furniture, new piers, plant terraces and special lighting poles, fishing areas, bicycles and disabled roads were constructed. Granite stones were placed on the pavements in the area where the vegetation was enriched. The area in front of the Göztepe Ferry Port, the pedestrian overpass and Göztepe Pier was made public within the scope of the project. Under the palm trees, specially designed seating groups, Izmir Kayığı inspired wooden boat statue and a solid composite wooden floor arrangement with Kayıklı İskele Square and the people of İzmir were expected to spend more enjoyable time waiting for the ferry. The last route change was completed after the coastal arrangement project was brought with the scandal.
On the shore side of Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard, which will be started on the shore side, will be started. The tram line from Üçkuyular Marina junction to the sea side will pass through the newly organized coastline. When this is the case, a significant portion of the new coastal area, which is built by spending a thousand 3 million 7 thousand pounds, will be damaged during the laying of the rail. As in many projects, Izmir will pay the cost of the unplanned projects of the Metropolitan. The pedestrian pavements built within the scope of the coastal regulation project will break the bicycle and disabled walking paths. The specially created green texture will also get its share. As such, a significant portion of the 3 million 7 thousand liras spent in the trash will be thrown away.

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