Winter Tourism Is Now in Konya

Winter Tourism Is Now in Konya: Governor of Konya Muammer Erol, AK Party Konya deputies and Metropolitan Mayor Tahir Akyürek made investigations in the area of ​​ski facilities planned to be established in Derbent Aladağ. President Akyürek stated that the ski facilities to be established will be a great advantage for the region and will contribute to the country's tourism by developing and strengthening this beauty. kazanHe said they would go.

Konya Governor Muammer Erol, AK Party Konya deputies, Metropolitan Mayor Tahir Akyurek and district mayors Derbent Aladag found in the area of ​​the planned ski facilities found in the field.

Providing information about the planned skiing facilities in Aladag Derbent Mayor Hamdi Acar, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Konya Metropolitan Municipality and the protocol they do, in a short time will begin construction of social facilities, he added. Acar, the first phase of the ski resort to be made next year, the businessmen who want to invest in the development of the region will contribute quickly emphasized.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tahir Akyürek stated that Konya will have a ski center prepared with a strong infrastructure and said, Belediye There will be a similar kind of international ski resorts. Derbent is a district close to the center of Konya. Road works are continuing. The distance between Konya and the center will be shortened by increasing the standard of the road. There will be an opportunity to come to Derbent from Konya center in half an hour. In addition, you are faced with one of the most beautiful landscapes in Turkey, while the Aladag. This is an advantage not only for skiing, but also for traveling, seeing natural and natural beauties. Sadece

By developing and strengthening this beauty in Derbent, kazanMayor Akyürek stated that they will continue to work and thanked Derbent Mayor Hamdi Acar, who made great efforts to bring the ski facilities to life.

AK Party Konya deputy Husnu Erdogan, Aladag'ın a ski resort will be the capacity to specify a capacity, the establishment of the necessary support for the establishment of the said, he said.

Konya Governor Muammer Erol stated that Aladağ was excited to see everyone as a ski resort excited about the future and expressed his hopes that the project will come to life. Governor Erol said, ine Konya will add more beauty to its beauty. I hope all the people of Konya in Turkey with beauty It will benefit. We desire that the days come as soon as possible O.

AK Party Konya deputies M. Uğur Kaleli, Abdullah Ağralı, AK Party Chairman Advisor Kerim Özkul, Derbent Governor Arif Oltulu and Metropolitan Municipality Council members and heads of the circle joined with their families.

Participants in the program enjoyed their first skiing experience, especially when they had fun with their children.

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