Tramway Auction in Casablanca

Casablanca Tram Tender: The tender for the 2nd line of the Casablanca City Tramway, which is the largest city and business center of Morocco, was reflected in the newspapers where it was planned to start construction in May. A budget of over 5 billion dirhams is envisaged for the project in question. It was also emphasized that the result of the tramway tender is expected to be announced at the end of February, according to the news of L'Economiste newspaper published in Morocco, where 5 companies, including Yapı Merkezi and Makyol, of our country's companies, are currently competing. The other groups participating in the tender with Turkish companies are the two groups of Moroccan and French companies "Colas Rail, Colas Morocco, GTR" consortium and "TSO, VTS" consortium and "Somafel, Seprob" consisting of Portuguese and Moroccan companies. Consortium was featured in the newspaper article. In addition to the extension of the existing line, the project, which is planned to construct a new line of 15 km, is expected to be completed in 2019.



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