Kartalkayada snow thickness has passed 205 centimeters

Kartalkayada snow thickness 205 centimeters passed: the maximum snow thickness in ski centers XMUMX centimeters were measured in Kartalkaya. The maximum snow thickness was measured with 205 centimeter in Kartalkaya and the lowest with 205 centimeters in Elmadag Ski Center.

The maximum snow thickness was measured in Kartalkaya with 205 centimeters. According to the data of the General Directorate of Meteorology website, Bolu Kartalkaya with 205 centimeter, Uludağ and Palandöken with 155 centimeters, Nemrut with 144 centimeter, Nemrut with 126 centimeters, Sarıkamış with 120 centimeters, Erciyes with 104 centimeters, and Ilgaz with 101 centimeters were recorded. Snow thickness was measured in Hazarbaba and in Davraz by 90, 62 in Yıldıztepe, 57 in Erzincan Ergan, 50 in Ladik, 40 in Ladik, 30 in Gerede Arkut, and 13 in Elmadağ.