The Land Folded by Price of Canal Istanbul

The Land Folded by the Price of the Channel Istanbul 's Price remained:' Channel Istanbul 'neighboring' advertising campaigns were held with the allegations, the new real estates in Küçükçekmece and Başakşehir had increased expectations. They're all wasted.
Kanal İstanbul, known as the crazy project, has been on the agenda since 2011. No official route description was made for the project which will connect the Black Sea and the Marmaray. In the first place Silivri dense, then channel for Istanbul Küçükçekmece Başakşehir and Arnavutköy line was spoken.
Through this address promotional videos, photos appeared. This year, the announcement of the project expected to be auctioned the previous day, the heads were confused again. Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim said the route will be changed for Kanal Istanbul.
As a result of the work done by the experts, hesitations arose about the areas of the site, so the route will be discussed again Minister Yıldırım said, ter The need to handle the issue from the beginning was born. I don't want our citizens to be too hasty about it, they shouldn't be disappointed. 'Let's channel here, let's attack here' or something. And then they don't blame us, we don't have a route yet. Some routes are flying in the air. When I say I'm out, 'this is our route', which is the binding for us is the route, '' he said.
To date, in the new real estate projects carried out in Küçükçekmece and Başakşehir, 'Kanal İstanbul' a neighbor 'was used and the expectation of the premium of the citizen was increased. In the response videos of the new projects, the channel Istanbul was emphasized in the promotions on the websites and this project was used as a marketing tool. It was not only home, but also on Channel Istanbul land prices. Prices in the region increased by 7-8. Today, there are still advertisements in the internet, as well as in real estate offices in the land sales 'Channel Istanbul view' is called.
Real Estate Housing REIT's General Manager Murat Kurum, who developed projects in Başakşehir and has a stock of land, said that the implementation of sales policy via Kanal Istanbul is not correct. Noting that the official announcement is not yet, “Real Estate Housing is not authorized. We made a master plan for the new city project to be established in Istanbul and presented to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. There is no obligation that this city will be adjacent to the Canal. Bu For the 18 years, Eyüp Akbal, the Vice Chairman of Fuzul Group, who produces housing in Başakşehir, said that F Kanal İstanbul became an advertising vehicle for the region and created added value. Although the channel does not pass through Başakşehir, there is no great loss for the region. 3. airport, 3. big projects such as bridge connecting roads and city hospital add value to the region. köprü
Lawyer Ali Güvenç Kiraz, who is the President of the Real Estate Law Association, said, değ If the company project says it is adjacent to the Canal or it is overlooking the Canal, then the route has changed, I cannot say sorry. The buyer of the house opens a case for 'unjust enrichment' to the Consumer Court. Makes expert assessment. If the property is sold above the actual value due to the Istanbul Canal, the buyer asks for this loss. In individual sales, a lawsuit is filed under the Code of Obligations. For example, if a person bought a plot to be a neighbor to the channel, 1 may return it if the year has not passed. If the 1 years have passed, this time he is suing the claim of being misled. Again, the expert determines the damage Yine.
TSKB Real Estate Appraisal General Manager Makbule Yönel Maya said that the channel change studies of the Kanal Istanbul project would affect the real estate prices in the region very much. Maya, kadar square meters in the last 4 year in Arnavutköy, the square meter price of 30 pounds 220 pounded until the lira. However, Istanbul is not the only reason for the price increase. 3. Bridge and 3. Two major mega projects, such as the airport, had been the major dynamics affecting the land prices in the region as of the first date. Both projects are currently under construction, with increases in land prices increasing with the level of construction progress. Kanal Istanbul was used as a tool that could not be sure whether it would be more real or not as a marketing tool. I have doubts about whether or not the route change will be too large. It would be very surprising to another itinerary, Çok he said.
Kanal Istanbul project will unite the Black Sea and Marmara. Kanal Istanbul is planned to be built in 400 meters wide, 43 kilometers long and 25 meters deep. The 6 bridge will be constructed on the Canal Istanbul project and the 6 will be built in 500 buildings. Although it is estimated that the project may cost 10 billion dollars in the first place, this figure is expected to increase.

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