Fast investment from Canadian Bombardier

rapid investment from Canadian Bombardier: Canadian train and plane manufacturer Bombardier, the railway project as a local partner in Turkey Bozankaya and will invest $ 100 million in technology transfer for high-speed train production.
Speaking at a press conference Bombardier Transportation Authority Furio Rossi, "we walked for projects in Turkey as domestic partners BozankayaWe chose. Bozankaya will invest $ 100 million in technology transfer for high-speed train production. We aimed to produce 80 train sets as a result of TCDD high speed train (YHT) tenders that we will participate with our local partner. We expect YHT tender to be held this year, after the summer months ”.
with production facilities in Germany and Turkey Bozankaya AŞ produces buses, trolleybuses and trams for city transportation according to the information on its website. Finally, Kayseri Municipality Bozankayabought 30 trams. center in Turkey and the high-speed rail network as part of the expansion of local government transport network, diverse and high financial value to the development of urban rail public transport network projects are conducting. The Ministry of Transport envisages the acquisition of 106 faster train sets as part of the expansion of the high-speed train network. Industry officials expect high-speed train purchases to be held in several tenders and this year, while the total value of the trains is estimated to be over € 3 billion.
Great competition
CANADA Prior to Bombardier, the Spanish train manufacturer Talgo has announced earlier that he and his native partner Tümosan want to participate in the next fast train purchase tenders. Spanish company CAF and Turkey had received earlier from Germany's Siemens high-speed train sets.



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